PandaManiac22 Lava Spawn Trapping Dj_Scribbles

Talk about the greatest server ever!

PandaManiac22 Lava Spawn Trapping Dj_Scribbles

Postby jayman820 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:56 pm

So, I was online today and dj_scribbles happened to be online. PandaManiac had been griefed by Dj_Scribbles (His mistake for making Dj assistant) so I went to help clean up, only to find Dj being spawn killed by Panda and me being able to do nothing at all.

The evidence:

In the end, many people have been complaining about Panda breaking rules and being a general ass, I just happened to be online for this particular instant. I hope you agree with me and ban him for spawn trapping Dj_Scribbles.
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